Kitty - Owner

Since she was a little girl, Kitty always knew she wanted to work with animals. Colorado native and dog mother to Denali, her beloved pooch, her first rescued dog was brought into the family when she was 7 years old. Ever since that day, it's been a journey to make it her lifes work, to spend everyday serving her community and man's best friend.

Including course work from Front Range Community College in Animal Technology, she has worked with dogs professionally for over 18 years.

Kitty's Dog Spa was launched in 2009. It has become a way of life, the care and personal touch, not only for each dog, but to each client, as they are all family!

Denali - Greeter

Denali's happy face is one of the first faces that both you and your dog will see as you enter into Kitty's Dog Spa. He is an energetic 3 year old American Pitbull mix goofball that loves to greet every dog that comes into the shop to ensure they feel welcomed and right at home! On the weekends, you can find this sweet pup running and playing in the mountains, chasing rabbits and squirrels in the yard or cuddling on the couch with his mom, Kitty. His favorite toys are tennis balls and stuffed animals. He's very social and always ready to give you a big kiss!

Dexter - Security

Meet Dexter, also known as Dexter Monkey, which is a nickname that he earned as a puppy carrying around his favorite stuffed monkey any and everywhere that he went. Dexter is a 7 year old male boxer, lab and american bulldog mix. Security was a natural transition for him, since he is infamous for barking at pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists or anyone that is too close during car rides. In his time off, he enjoys a good walk, long car rides, chasing a laser or bright light, chewing on his everlasting ball (nothing is impossible for him!), snacking on dog cookies and running around the mountains. Whether he's running, napping, snuggling or destroying any and all of his toys, you better believe that nothing gets past this guy!